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Typical application

Door seals for silos and tank to provide sealing
for products such as sugar, flour, oils, chemicals
and other all kinds of contents.


Average thickness for punching is between
1/16”~1/14” (1.6mm~6.4mm) for most tank sealing
applications. However this is not a limitation and
GSSK easily apply the same prosses to thinner and
thicker varietied of rubber and other materials.

Hole Shapes, Size, and Spacing

GSSK can manufacture virally any holes pattern, and can
even supply oval, square, or alternate shaped holes.
Of coures, all rubber materials are available in
|slit-to-width rolles without any holes, as well.

Available Materials

Nitrile (Buna-N), EPDM, Silicone, Viton, Various
non-rubber gasket sheeting material

Seal Length & Width

Tank stripping is usually sold by uncut roll size, which varies
By thickness and variety between 25 and 300 foot lengths.
Naturally, we can generally cater to special requirements on
Roll length.

Dimensional Tolerances

Tolerances vary according to material and dimension
specifications, but typically runs around +/-.015 inches on
Key dimensions like width and hole diameter.