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Rubbers have found many applications in industrial and consumer goods because they are the only group of materials able to provide elastic properties across a wide range of temperatures. In today's fast changing markets, companies need a competitive edge more than ever in order to thrive. The key to prosperity lies in bringing well designed, highly reliable products to the market more quickly than the competition.

To achieve this, companies must work closely with their suppliers, drawing on their expertise to achieve the most cost-effective, easily manufactured designs. They must make use of the most up -to date technology. They must take advice on the most suitable materials, on maximizing component functions to get the best cost/performance ratio and on building in quality to achieve reliable, low cost manufacture. They must have support to prototype and design and get finished parts into production as quickly as possible.

From this, we have built GSS(Global Sealing Systems) who must be more than a supplier based on the greater the benefits to our customers in terms of cost, design effectiveness and easy of production. This leads to the supply of high quality, low cost, trouble-free components. Little or no advice frequently leads unnecessarily higher costs.

It is GSS's mission to our customers!

A large volume of our work is in the highly specialized field of custom molding and extruding. Our manufacturing facilities include injection, transfer and compression molding presses in a wide range of tonnage capacities. We also extrude specialty shapes and profiles from a variety of elastomeric compounds.

We have pride in turning out products of highest standard to reliable delivery schedules.

Remember we are here to help you.