Date : 19-02-12 15:57
MJ 2019-1st Lab Test & Inspection Report
 Writer : Ellie
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1. Neop.70D 1/16" thick lab tested and resulted to 72D, 785psi & 260%. Photo 1-2.
2. Buna 60D & 70D Hardness checked and result to 63D and 72D each. Photo 3-5.
3. Buna Dia 1ply 60D & Neo CI 2ply insertion visual checked and both of them were inserted well. Photo 6-8.
4. EPDM 0.8mm thickness inspected and thickness 0.9mm, Hardness 71D resulted. Photo 9-11.
5. Neop.50D, SBR 60D hardness measured and resulted to 50D, 63-64D each. Photo 12-13.
6. 1 Box, PO#GSORD45096-Sil. Gasket 500pcs, combined. Photo 14.
Hardness 1-2D harder than usual due to cold weather but they were still all within tolerance. Label descriptionsm, thickness, hardness are all spec in.