Date : 18-12-26 16:48
<Inspection Report >MJ 2018-40,43
 Writer : Ellie
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1. Neop.60D Lab Tested and resulted to 59D, 809psi & 404%. 43th & 40th Neop.60D produced with the same compound. Photo 1-5.
2. NYLON REINFORCED 1-PLY 60D KOTRIC Lab Tested and passed all test items. Photo 6-7.
3. Buna 40D resulted to 40D exactly.  EPDM 50D hardness resulted to 51D, 52D and  NEO DIA 1PLY 60D checked and 1ply inserted well. Photo 8-12.
4. NEOP SLABS 80D resulted to 79-80D, Cutting edges are clean and smooth. Photo 13-15.
5. WHITE NEOP 60D Hardness checked and resulted to 59D-60D. Photo 16-17.
43th & 40th Label is correct and materials hardness and Lab Test results are all passed and within tolerance.