Date : 16-04-19 17:56
<Inspection Report & Lap Test Report>KCMB 2016-1st
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This KCMB 2016-1 materials don't have any of Lab test possible thickness.
Therefore KCMB Lab tested preproduction sample before production and checked the lab test report as photo 1~2.
1. Neop. 60D Two times tested and they were 794psi & 471% and 800psi & 471% resulted and great.
2. Buna 40D measured and they were exactly 40D hardness. Great. Photo 4~5.
3. Measured all of Neop. 60D rolls and they were spec in though somewhat low hardness about 54~55D. Photo 7~8.
4. However one item, Neop.60D 1/8"X36"X50ft resulted to 51~53. Photo 9.
I took sample and double checked in room temperature for sure. And the result was the same. Photo 10.
KCMB production manager informed this low temperature is affect warm weather and daytime sunshine in the yard.
Red taped this Neop.60D 1/8"X36"X50ft 40 rolls and marked to 55D on the rolls for distinction. Photo 11~12.
We hope you measure this item and please let us know the resulted hardness.
Rolls and Boxes loaded into container and sealed. Container # is CSLU1736658 22G1.