Date : 16-04-19 17:53
<Inspection Report & Lap Test Report> MJ 2016-6th
 Writer : Ellie
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   MJ_2016-6th_Inspection_Report.xlsx (407.6K) [7] DATE : 2016-04-19 17:53:09

All rolls Measured Hardness, Neop.70D, Neop.60D, BLK BUNA 70D, Hypalon 60D, White EPDM 60D.
1. Neop.60D Lab tested and resulted to 936psi &362%. Great! Photo 1~5.
2. Neop.70D measured hardness and 70D~71D resulted. Great! Photo 6~7.
3. Hypalon 60D checked and 59~60D resulted. Great. Photo 8.
4. White EPDM 60D measured hardness and 57~58D resulted. Great! Photo 9.
5. Buna 70D measured hardness and they are 73~74D. Photo 10~11.
It's somewhat high durometer and I checked all of 10 rolls hardness and red taped Buna 70D all 10 rolls.
4 rolls are 73-74D and the other 6 rolls are 71D~73D. Photo 12~14.
We hope you could measure hardness when this arrived and inform us the result.
We kept this 10 rolls tested sample for sure also.
5. One box and MJ 2016-6th rolls loading in container. Container # is CCLU3725137