Date : 16-04-19 17:49
<Inspection Report & Lap Test Report> MJ 2016-5th
 Writer : Ellie
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   MJ_2016-5th_Inspection_Report.xlsx (188.6K) [7] DATE : 2016-04-19 17:49:31

Warm and a little bit hot weather.
Neop.60D 1/16" lab tested and resulted very high quality to 1,082psi &421%. Lab Test 1~4.
White Nitrile 55~56D resulted and It will be harden when arrived. white color pigment included there and made low hardness.
Hardness were somewhat smooth due to warm weather but all of them were in hardness spec. Hardness Check 1~4.
Ply insertion checked by visual check and they are all correct location. Ply insertion Visual Check 1~3
Label checked and  PO# and Destination right order.
Six boxes combined in shipment correctly.