Date : 16-04-19 17:44
<Inspection Report & Lap Test Report> MJ 2016-4th
 Writer : Ellie
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MJ 2016-4th focused on inspecting new label and label correct arrange, Neop. Hardness, insertion, Lab test and container #
1. NEOP & HYPALON 60D Lab tested and resulted very high qulaity over 1,000psi and 300% both of them.
NEOP.60D hardness tested and exaclty 60D resulted. Photo 1,1-1,2,2-1.
2.Hypalon 1/4" was under production. Visual checked the surface and it's shiny and clean. Photo 3
Hardness was exactly 60D also. Photo 4
3. ply insertion visual checked and they were located in the rubber exactly. Photo 5,6,7,10
4 Label was changed and checked Thermodyn and PO&TO correct location.
5. White Neop. 60D measured and about 58~60D resulted. Photo 8
6. Container #CSLU154343/22G1 and rolls were started loading. Photo 11,12
This shipment was quite successful with excellent lab test result, correct insertion and label.