Date : 16-04-19 17:42
<Inspection Report & Lap Test Report> MJ 2016-3rd
 Writer : Ellie
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   MJ_2016-3rd_Inspection_Report.xlsx (273.9K) [5] DATE : 2016-04-19 17:42:02

It was raininig when I was inspect rolls.
In MJ 2016-3rd, I inspected all rolls hardness, ply insertion, Three materials lab tests and 1box combine.

First, EPDM 70D, NEOP 60D and HYPALON 60D three items lab tested. 
They were all high and nice result as photo 1~3.

Second, There are three ply insertion materials, 1ply two materials and 2ply one material. 
They were visual inspected and all of them were inserted correctly. Photo 7,10,13,14.

Third, Checked all materials hardness. They were all spec in hardness inspect of one item, NEOP.60D. Photo 4,8,9,11,12.
This was quite thin and couldn't measured corrected in rolled condition.
I took off some test sample and tested again and resulted to 60~61D. Photo 5,6.

Last, One small box combined in MJ 2016-3rd with container #CSLU1306873. photo 15.